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Linnie Mae Helen Benedict Vander Werp

Linnie Mae Helen Benedict Vander Werp

July 11, 1929 – March 4, 2020


Jesus called Linnie’s name on March 4, 2020. Linnie will be remembered for her generous, benevolent spirit. She never forgot her humble beginning. Successes enabled her to give to those she loved, particularly her children, but also those she knew from a distance. She gave generously and with heartfelt sincerity to enhance the lives of others. As a Mother, she was quick and first to be supportive not only with her generosity but with encouragement and wisdom. She was an assiduous listener always eager to know the happenings in your life. She had a sixth sense of knowing when a kind word was needed and was there to give it. Linnie was a maverick. A career woman when it was not fashionable with an exceptional work ethic. She graduated from Mercy Central as a Registered Nurse. She was gifted with a creative flair that was present in her personal style, homes and real estate ventures. She started and ran several businesses with her husband then went on to build an extensive real estate portfolio, owning and operating mobile home parks, the Ship n’ Shore Motel and the Cove at Green Lake, to name a few. Friends and family enjoyed the benefits of her enterprises along with many excursions from travel, yachting and fine dining to waterfront living. You could not know Linnie without realizing her love for Christ and the tribute she gave only to Him for all the blessings in her life. In recent years, she shared that God had come to her twice, the first time when she was a small girl, “It surrounded me. I knew it was God. He has always been with me.” Linnie expressed her readiness and anticipation in being with her “Jesus.” We will miss her. A person of small stature with a dynamic presence. We will shed tears but revel in and hold tightly memories filled with laughter and fun brought on by her passionate, adventurous spirit. The gift of life that she embraced and doing so taught us to love and live well! Linnie was preceded in death by her sister, Joyce E. (Duane) Lehnen, brothers Thomas W. (Judy) Benedict, Arthur E. (Gladys) Benedict and special friend Harvey Dahm. Linnie is survived by her children Karen L. Vander Werp, Diane E. Vander Werp, Randy (Chris) Vander Werp, grandchildren Andy (Joann) Allen, Nicholas (Katie) Allen and “Katie”, Mary K. Vander Werp along with great grandchildren Stella, John, Ivy, brother Arnold L. Benedict, many nieces and nephews, ex-spouse and friend Stewart J. Vander Werp. Linnie will be greatly missed. This day marks a reunion and renewed day of celebration for Linnie, her sister and Mother who were born on the same date. Per Linnie’s wishes, there will be a private family memorial service.

Our deepest, gratitude to Legacies Assisted Living for their exceptional love, care and spiritual commitment.

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